"If you are not willing to own a stock for 10 years, do not even think about owning it for 10 minutes". Warren Buffet, 1996

myBrick selects all the properties with utmost care, based on strict criteria. In fact, we review and accept only 3% of the investment proposals to be displayed for our investors.

We advise our clients and community of investors to diversify their investment on several properties or other types of investments in order to reduce the risks, that include:

1) Your property investment could lose value

Real estate can gain value as well as lose value. There are several reasons for those changes, including a market downturn, an unexpected event and damage related to the actual property. myBrick tries to filter and gather only the best property investment opportunities, but we are prone to mistakes.

2) The rental earnings are subject to change

myBrick provides you an estimate of the rental earnings, based on historical facts and trends. However, myBrick cannot guarantee changes in those amounts, due to extraordinary events not covered by property insurances, such as unexpected damages to the property, growth in vacancy rate, economic downturn, natural disasters, etc...

3) Selling a property could take time

When you want to sell a property or even your shares of a co-owned property, the sale could typically take longer than selling a smartphone or a car. So we advise every investor to plan in advance when you make the investment and commit at least to the recommended investment period on the specific investment opportunity.

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