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myBrick is a crowdfunding site dedicated to the real estate market of the "Romandie", Western part of Switzerland. myBrick displays investment opportunities that are published in the "Properties" section. Any investor who wishes can invest, starting from the minimum amount required, in a property of his choice, thus becoming owner and benefiting from rental yields.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people.

In the specific case of, the projects are exclusively real estate. These assets are available for investment to a group of investors who become co-owners.

Is there a maximum share of a property that one investor can acquire?

The maximum share an investor can acquire is 20% per investment property. However, there is no cap on the number of properties; investors can in as many properties as they want.

How myBrick chooses investment opportunities?

Thanks to its network and experience of more than 10 years in the field of real estate in the Lémanique/Geneva Lake region, our team carefully selects the best opportunities on very specific criteria, such as return, risk, location, debt ratio of the investment, vacancy rate, market demand, and the number of units.

What is the role of myBrick during and after an acquisition?

The role of myBrick is to:

Who is responsible for managing the property?

myBrick will subcontract the property management responsibility to a local real estate agency.

Who can invest?

Any person holding the Swiss nationality, or a C resident permit of any nationality, or a B resident permit with a European nationality is authorized to invest on

I want to invest, what should I do?

Once you have found a myBrick property that suits you, please select and press the "Invest" button and complete the investment form.

Once the investment form is completed and submitted, we will contact you to obtain the necessary documents from you in order to authorize the investment.

If you already have an "Investor" ID on the platform, simply select the desired asset and press the "invest" button and specify the amount of the investment.

Who determines the annual rental yield?

The annual yield mentioned is an estimate of the rental returns based on the invested capital. This rate is calculated on the basis of the current rental income, before acquisition, and may change after the acquisition and during the investment period. We advise you to read the "Risks" section.  

How is the annual return for a property calculated?

The rental yield is calculated on the basis of the current rental income, before acquisition and may vary after the acquisition and during the investment period.

myBrick does not guarantee the annual rental yield mentioned, as it may fluctuate upwards and downwards, depending on the local rental market.

Who determines the amortization and mortgage interest rates?

The amortization rate and interest rate on the debt are determined by the financial institution providing the mortgage credit. myBrick strive to bring in the lowest market rate, in order to maximize a high rental income yield.

Why is there a deadline for investment / counter of remaining days per investment opportunity?

myBrick can only guarantee the investment opportunity for a limited time. This period may be extended to 2 months. So do not hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter to acknowledge the investments as soon as they are available and feel free to contact us in order to obtain the required information to make your decision before the time runs out!

What happens if all the necessary funds are collected?

If the real estate has raised the necessary funds before or at the end of the campaign, the investors that have filled the investment form and other requirements will be required to send the desired amount to a specific notary account in order to make the purchase.

What happens if all the necessary funds are not collected and the acquisition has not taken place?

If the investment didn't raise the necessary funds and the campaign is terminated, the object is permanently removed from the myBrick platform, and all administrative fees charged to investors are reimbursed in full amount.

Can I invest from abroad?

If you fulfill the Swiss residency requirements (Swiss national, B / C permit with main residence in Switzerland), then you can invest from abroad. However, it is your duty to collect and send, at your own cost, the necessary documents for authorization and approval to invest.

Why is there an administration fee during a property acquisition?

myBrick charges any investor 2-3% (Before VAT) of the amount invested to cover the expenses related to the preparation of the acquisition, the financing and the coordination of investors for the acquisition.  

What is the "Investment Period"?

The investment period is a suggested period during which the property should be held by the investors in order to avoid disadvantageous tax implications. The investors can at any time sell their investments if a buyer fulfills the same entry conditions of all other initial investors. However, we strongly recommend that investors keep their investment in the property for this pre-determined period in order to avoid high tax rates that could make their initial investment unprofitable and have personal tax implications.

Am I entitled to the capital gain on the property at the time of sale?

Yes, any investor who has acquired a stake of an investment in myBrick is subject to the capital gain arising from the sale value of the property.

How often are the returns on the property distributed?

The rental returns of the property are distributed annually to all owners of the property, directly to their personal bank account predefined.

Am I entitled to resell my investment in a property prior to the expiry of the "Investment Period?

Yes, provided that the new investor fulfills the conditions necessary for the authorization to invest. The new investor must hold a Permit B (European citizen and reside in Switzerland) or Permit C or a Swiss national, present the required documents to the financial institution from which the mortgage debt was raised and get approval for authorizing the transfer of property.

Why I cannot create a user account on myBrick?

The creation of a user account is open to myBrick investors only. Once your investment request has been processed successfully, you will get a unique ID and password that will allow you to access the investor's dashboard of the site.

You can however subscribe for our newsletter, which will inform you about the latest investment opportunities before anyone else.

What happens when I submit my investment request?

Once you have entered your contact information in the investment form, we will send you an email to validate and send us your initial documents (ID card/passport copy and proof of residence). Once we validate your identity, we will contact you within 48 hours (business days) by email or phone to inform you with more details on the investment, the required documents we need from you in order to guarantee you the availability of this opportunity.

Can I cancel my investment request?

You can cancel your investment request at any time. However, if you want to cancel your investment before the fundraising campaign is finished, you will not be refunded the administrative fee and you may be subject to penalty fees. If the campaign is terminated by myBrick, you would be reimbursed fully of the administrative fees you paid.

I lost my LOGIN for Investor access, what should I do?

You can request a new access code by clicking on the button "forgotten password?" In the field Connection, below the fields to fill.

How can I contact myBrick?

You can contact us at any time via email; info [at], by telephone at 021 558 67 50, or by postal mail at the following address:

To the attention of:

myBrick SA
Avenue de Chailly 1
1012 Lausanne

We will be happy to process your request as soon as possible.

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